Skin Care by Melissa is ready to beautify you and your life
with her online service of Face & Beauty Treatments

"Today is the first day of the rest of your skin's life"

Let's "face" it, the Laws of Attraction are both basic and instinctual.
Sight is the first sense used when we come upon someone or something...
So... why not make that first impression SPECTACULAR?

Put your best "face" forward without going through painful and expensive surgery

There are many myths about facial makeup.
Makeup should ENHANCE what is already beautiful,
not cover-up what can easily be corrected.

With the right treatment and care, you too can return to a more natural appearance!
My goal has and always will be to help one in attaining a clear,
glowing and natural complexion.
Most importantly, with the option of no makeup.

My philosophy is:
Before 20, you're blessed with the skin you've been given.
After 20, you're blessed with the skin you give yourself.
With "JYTA", we can do it!

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