I'm seeing my mom on Saturday so I'm going to find out what product she loves :) and order ours together.  I'm almost ready for a new face wash.  Also that lotion phytonic!  My skin feels even and beautiful each day.  See below pic of me after a nightly regime. Red carpet ready! I'll email you before I place my order.
Before & After



Melissa is the best!
It has been over 15 years now that she has been in charge of my skin care regimen, and my skin is so very thankful.
The cleanser, toner and moisturizer as an everyday routine are the best combo in maintaining a refreshed and nourished complexion.
I won't use anything else.  The masque also is amazing, as my face looks like I just had a facial after every use.
Thank you Melissa for keeping my skin so fresh and vibrant!

Laurie Schoenburg
(New York)

Two times this week I received compliments that only I know are because of jyta....

1. I'm working in Manhattan with a new staff.... One of the co workers thinks I'm 25.... I'll be 29 in November

2.  I'm at the hospital with my mom(she's ok) I went down to the cafeteria and the staff thought I was one of the interns....I said wow how old do I look... She goes about 23

:))))) 7 years younger in 3 months of Jyta!!!

I'm ordering next week!!!! Woohoo

(From New York)

Hi Melissa!

"JYTA products are absolutely wonderful!" I have used them for years, every day and I couldn't be happier. JYTA skincare keeps my skin young, healthy and moisturized. I wouldn't use anything else. Plus, Melissa is lovely to work with!"

My best,
Monterey Peninsula, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa Shearn for over 20 years. She has always been professional, considerate, and proactive on how to take care of aging skin. In addition, at her recommendation, I have utilized Jyta skin products for well over 15 years, and attribute my wonderful skin to both Melissa’s facials and Jyta products. I have recommended both Melissa and Jyta skin care products to several of my friends and family. Thank you Melissa for some many years of good care.

Shirley Mantell Friedman

Hi Melissa and thank you,

I have been using nothing but Jyta products for the last 15 years and I would never use anything else. The Vital Contour and the Soin Supreme are two of my favorites. Since I've been using Jyta, I no longer need to wear foundation - my complexion always looks healthy and vibrant. And for that time of the month when my skin breaks out, the Sepria Ultra is the cure-all! Just as I care about the quality of good food I eat, I apply the same standards to my skincare regimen and Jyta has exceeded my expectations.

Lisa J. Olin
(TV Producer)

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the products. I love them!

When I saw you last month, you gave me two samples of masks,
one was a slight bluish color and the other white.
Could you please tell me which one is which. I never wrote it down, and now I don't remember. I know that the blue one is more drying than the white. Also, how often should I be using them, I think you said I could use them every second day.

I have giving you four pictures. The top two are April 18 and the bottom two are from May 18. As you can see there is no significant difference in the month past. It is very upsetting for me. I have been to Dermatologists worldwide and Estotitionists, and have tried every oral and topical product on the market. I was doing some more research last night and opted for something that I haven't tried before: Chinese medicine. I figured that my problem is internal and I need to find out what is going on inside, allergies, digestion problems or whatever the case may be.

I am keeping a monthly photo diary of my skin, so I will let you know how it goes.

I love the jyta products. They're the best I have used I will continue to use them.

Thank you once again for everything.


(International Model)

Melissa gives the best facials... not good... THE BEST.

I had facials for many years before I met Melissa, but no one was ever as good.
She is committed and strives to achieve perfection for each client's skin.

Her line of JYTA products is equally as wonderful.

At age 70 she has given me the face of a much younger woman.

I am grateful to her.... and so will any one else who uses her services.

Gabriele Goldaper
(Marina Del Rey, CA)

Melissa has a sixth sense when it comes to skin care!

Her passion, knowledge and ability to stay on the cutting edge
is a true testament as to why I have been receiving facials from Melissa since 1989.

Joan Swift
(Marina Del Rey, CA)

Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to thank you for everything! I've noticed a difference within just a week of using Jyta and I am so happy so far! I am looking forward to seeing more improvements in my skin. I can't wait for the day when my skin is clear and have the option to wear makeup.

Thanks again so much and we'll be in touch soon!

Take care
(Los Angeles, CA)

Melissa, I thought I should let you know that Larkin's skin looks like a dream.
Your suggestion to take away her magnifying mirror worked wonders, and her face is beautiful and clear.
She had been struggling with the picking compulsion for such a long time and hopefully it will continue and she can once again take pride in how she looks. I should also tell you that my mother-in-law said that was the best facial she ever had and wants one when she returns to LA.

Thank  you so much,

Pamela Mohn
(Brentwood, CA)

I've been getting facials from Melissa for over 10 years. Melissa introduced me to Jyta products from the very beginning and I have been hooked ever since.
Jyta's wide product line allows me the flexibility to pick and choose a combination of products that will help my skin look it's best all the time.
Not only am I a Jyta fan but my husband and 2 teenage sons love it too!

Nancy & the Family
(Brentwood, CA)
Dear Melissa,

I work in a world full of fabulous and oh-so young beauties. I play in outdoor world of Quarter Horses and cowboys.

Thank Heaven for Melissa!!

For both worlds our approach has been to keep my skin as healthy and nourished as possible. Luckily for me, we've been working together for over 15 years. I don't do surgery or injections. Quite frankly, I think they do just as good a job, if not better. Between Melissa's expertise and the purity of the Jyta skin care line, we're wrangling time and doing a pretty good job of it!

Scary to think that at one point looking 10 years younger had me post-adolescent. Now it has me in my prime. That's where I plan to stay.

Thanks so much for all these YEARS!

Carla Meyer
(Studio City, CA)

Melissa has been doing my facials since 1990!!!
She helped my skin stay young looking and healthy....especially as I've gotten older.
I started using Jyta in 1992, and I love it. I have stayed on the Jyta skin care line since Melissa introduced it to me. It's very simple and basic to use and also affordable. I've been told that I have great, young looking skin and I owe that to Melissa and Jyta.

Thank You!

Sandy Hamilton
(Santa Monica, CA)

Melissa has been my aesthetician for the past 16 years (at least!) and I have never ceased to be impressed with her knowledge, skill and care. I have been using Jyta products since first met her, and have received constant compliments on my skin over years. Rather than diminishing with long term use, as many more "commercial" cosmetic skincare lines, when a new produt is introduced it has been tested, refined and vetted -- and becomes my new "must have". Both Melissa and Jyta will continue to be "constants" in my life and my career.

Marykate Harris
(Professional Actress, Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Melissa!
Thanks so much for all the products! I have been using them for 3 days and can
already see a difference!! I can't even believe it! I really like the sepria ultra! It's probably my favorite product! I love everything and wanted to thank you so much!
I'll keep you updated on my skin's progress! :-) Thanks again

Jenna Oliverio
(College Student, Monterey, CA)

Jyta products are amazing. The Nupria crème goes on like velvet. I see instant results, my skin looks more vibrant and translucent, immediately. People have said my skin is glowing (and I can see it). I have never used a product that does that. I use the Nupria crème during the day and the Soin Supreme and Vital Contour at night, I can't imagine using any other product. I get so many compliments on my skin, and I am sure it is all because of Jyta. 
New York
Hi Melissa,
I am so happy to say that I've been using Jyta facial skin care products exclusively for almost 20 years and have no plans to change. I love the richness and lightness of the product and also its light fresh scent that blends easily with any other scent I'm wearing.

Thank You and all the best,

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